Thank you for your Advocacy Work for Health Freedom. We Trust Our Premium Wellness + Advocacy Ultimate Downloads Will Serve + Inspire You. 

Advocacy Resources In The Bundle

Medical Exemption Strategy Guide: There are limited ways you can claim a medical exemption and win. Learn what proofs including lab tests and studies to use, plus get advice to determine if this will be a winning strategy.

School Board Affidavit Templates Download: Use this template to officially inform your school that they are violating the law. Use this starting document, customize, notarize, and mail.

Bonds for the Win: the community project to awaken public servants to their personal accountability to their office oaths through the bond insurance systems.

Activist Training Field Guide: successfully influence your legislators and community despite censorship. Gain insights, important safety reminders, and proven activism strategy.

The Ultimate Underground Media Guide: Defy censorship by getting on these key email lists. Stay connected to important front-line initiatives and timely updates by using this guide to follow our top leaders across all platforms.

How to Protect Your Family from CPS: Detailed strategy from top legal experts who have won parental rights cases nation-wide. Equip yourself against the threat of having your children taken into the foster care system before the knock on the door comes.

Religious Exemption Training and Templates: Do not waste time and resources pursuing your exemption the wrong way. Follow this step-by-step guide to achieve conflict resolution with employers, schools, or businesses.

Mask Freedom Guide: strategies and scripts for resisting mask mandates plus undeniable studies proving masks do not work. Masks are an important marketing strategy to enforce the idea we are all sick (even when we are asymptomatic). Be equipped to resist the next set of mandates.

Homeschooling Guide: the COVID-19 injections on the CDC Childhood Vaccination Schedule are now required for school attendance and even for homeschoolers in some states. Use this interactive map resource detailing the different vaccine exemption laws, plus get our best recommendations.

Wellness Package

  • The Infertility Epidemic and Its Solutions
  • Long Haul Covid Recovery Guide
  • Naturally Boost your Immune System
  • The Health Freedom Summit Total Detox Guide 
  • 7 Day Healing Meal Plan + Grocery List 

Advocacy Set Download

  • School Board Affidavit Templates
  • How to Protect Your Family from CPS
  • Activist Training Field Guide
  • The Ultimate Underground Media Guide
  • Religious Exemption Training and Templates  
  • Bonds for the Win Guide Training
  • The Complete Guide to Medical Exemptions
  • Mask Freedom Guide
  • Homeschooling Guide
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