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Topics For Material Submission

Asset Submission Guidelines

  • We are accepting 20-45 minute video submissions.
  • These can be recycled content you have the rights to or a unique submission.
  • As this is an activist training site, we only publish actionable content (not informational content.) Please always include practical routes/ideas for what the average person can do to take action or influence around the information you’ve presented. 
  • We value factual over anecdotal evidence, and love the inclusion of slides, PDF articles, and first-source resources we can include with your presentation. 


Microphone: Our top microphone recommendation is this one— if you need support setting up professional-grade audio/visual capacity, please see Right Turn Media group. They are doing incredible work in our field and also help authors with full grade audio book recordings etc. 

Lighting: Sufficient lighting coming from in front of you is essential for quality video production. Film in a well lit area, preferably natural light that’s indirectly coming through windows. Avoid direct sunlight as this can “blow out” the image. If no natural light is available, use as many ambient lights as possible to eliminate shadows around your face. This ring light is a great option whether you are recording with your smartphone or on desktop/laptop:

Smartphone Recording: You can use your smartphone to record but it must be on a tripod, not held in your hand. Please make sure you have adequate lighting.

Computer Recording: Onboard microphones are usually not sufficient. External microphone recommendation: (somethings this is preferable to headphones or earbuds) Or portable: Some built-in laptop webcams are not sufficient. External webcam recommendation:

Video – 1080p 30fps – .mp4, h264, or .mov formats (most iPhones and DSLRs record in these natively). 720p is fine as an alternative. Do your best with wardrobe and background– please limit noise from your pets or children in the background.

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Affiliate/Sharing details

The Summit is Now Evergreen

While we do have concentrated launch efforts from big lists and other summit organizers, the summit is live and available on-demand. It is being continuously added to with the intention of being an exceptional resource for health freedom advocacy training. 

It’s our intention to be a reliable source of income for speakers, journalists, and organizations doing non-monetized work in the field.

Our offer has doubled in value and is being offered at less than half the price ($37 instead of $97). 

We expect our current conversions to increase after these changes—they previously were at a 57% opt in conversion and a 5% sales conversion with an average $2 EPL.  

Our Launch History

When lockdowns were first announced in 2020, the deceit was immediately apparent to anyone who had studied historical pandemics and the peddled “problem-reaction-solution” of the medical-industrial complex.

We built this platform in nine days and launched the first event countering the covid narrative.

The Health Freedom Summit was the first ‘second opinion’ event in April of 2020.

We were named a top distributor of misinformation by the Biden Administration, and have grown steadily since then.

We have functioned the last three years as a critical communication and fundraising service to initiatives in our field that have important solutions, but little reach.

Thousands of people are joining the movement for health freedom daily.

Through speaking and sharing the event, you’re empowering these newcomers to discover important voices and have access to dedicated influencers whose names and sites have been wiped out on google, and banned on social media.

We have worked tirelessly for three years now to create a rich vault of industry knowledge, trainings and solutions. We seek to encourage and equip those who would resist tyranny and do the work of rightly ordering themselves first and then after the world around them.

In 2024, it’s our main aim to improve our email list and our Switzerland-based server security for emergency pandemic communication planned for the next few years.

Toward that aim, we are prioritizing reciprocal mailings to create a tidal wave where all boats rise. Here’s our next event– sign up and then get in touch– how can we serve you? Let’s go for the win! 

Blessed Are The Peacemakers,