In our interview with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., we asked him what is missing in our movement. He said: “We need an army.” We took his words to heart and have created Operation Flood.

Better Than My Nursing Courses…

“I really consider The Health Freedom Summit to far surpass any nursing course I sat through.” – A Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit Nurse + OpFlood Member

Loved Meeting Andrew Wakefield! 

“The zoom meetings increased my trust in Alana and Stephanie and it provided me an opportunity to sit on zoom meetings with Dr. Andrew Wakefield!” -Operation Flood Member

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When You Join Operation Flood You'll Gain Access To:

  • Explore Critical Topics: Our sections of Health, Political Freedom, and Advocacy Training are organized for your exploration and enjoyment. Access our collection of videos, downloadable guides, worksheets, and assessments so you can assess where you are in important areas of health, sovereignty, and activism and meaningfully move the needle forward. Health Freedom Summit videos are also released in topical collections.

  • Receive Media Training to equip you into an effective writer and speaker for health freedom.
  • Gain mastermind group access on our private social network where  accountability and friendships can culminate in effective grassroots campaigns for health freedom. This is not just for US citizens, but for English speakers all over the world as we share information, connect and brainstorm solutions. We genuinely look forward to getting to know you. 

Most importantly, you won’t be researching, advocating, and strategizing alone anymore.

We aim to build meaningful solidarity and support networks. 

Got To Go On The Core Work Retreat + Photoshoot!

“When I heard Alana was living in Dallas and I’d be going through Dallas (it was actually Thanksgiving!) I felt like I was already friends with her even though I realized she probably didn’t feel the same way about each person in the group. But I asked if she would meet me for dinner and she did! It was like reconnecting with an old friend who already knew everything about you but still wanted to know. It was really crazy! That meeting provided Alana an opportunity to realize that I was trustworthy and engaged in their common goal. It was the beginning of her bringing me onto their core team for their work retreat that launched Health Freedom 21.” -Megan Lubbers 

Access to Reliable Resources Made My Fight Possible! 

Operation Flood provided me with resources that were reliable and trustworthy! It was incredibly instrumental for what I was doing in my hometown. – Activist mom who challenging school board mask and vaccine decisions in her children’s faith-based private school

Instrumental In Helping Me Advocate

Finding the health freedom summit was like a learning course in evidence-based factual information. The reliable resources and real-life testimonies were instrumental in helping me compile information to advocate for health freedom in my hometown. -Catholic Community Activist

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Frequently Asked Questions


Operation Flood was designed to support and equip effective influencers as we seek to resist medical tyranny and restore the culture together. “We’ve created a community so those on the front lines don’t have to research, strategize and advocate alone anymore as we share resources within our support network.”

  • Want to grow your support circle of like-minded wellness explorers?
  • Want to pursue the simple steps that dramatically move the needle toward sovereignty?
  • Want to be a part of a community of truth tellers and trained health freedom advocates? 

This group was designed for you. We hope you’ll join us. 

You do not need to be on the social platforms to be a part of our community. Our social group is privately hosted by Mighty Networks and our videos and trainings use Kajabi (app available on mobile and desktop.) 

There is no long-term commitment; members can cancel their accounts anytime within the platform settings or can contact customer support for prompt assistance.

People of Integrity Within the Group–Love It!

I knew it was something that I absolutely had to be part; the fact that it was a membership meant that the people subscribing would be of integrity and trustworthy within the group. I love having a resource like operation flood to go to on a daily basis where individuals are uploading new research, uploading current events, it has been incredibly helpful. -Operation Flood Member

Love The Social Experience– So Much Better Than Instagram or Facebook

“I’m forever grateful for the group of Operation Flood, and I kind of don’t want to share it with anybody else, because I do sincerely love this small intimate group. I really feel like I know the other people in the group. It’s been a lot different than any other social media like Instagram or Facebook because we were a group working towards the same goal.” 

Join The Monthly Membership

About Our Beginning in 2020

In our interview with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., we asked him what is missing in our movement. He said: “We need an army.” We took his words to heart and have created project Operation Flood. 

We drew inspiration from Winston Churchill’s Operation Dynamo. When the British forces at Dunkirk were trapped between the Nazis and the sea, 850 civilian sea vessels organized themselves amid active air strikes to implement the largest evacuation in military history. The small civilian boats proved harder to target than large military vessels and many lives were saved.