In our interview with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., we asked him what is missing in our movement. He said: “We need an army.” We took his words to heart and have created project Operation Flood.

We drew inspiration from Winston Churchill’s Operation Dynamo. When the British forces at Dunkirk were trapped between the Nazis and the sea, 850 civilian sea vessels organized themselves amid active air strikes to implement the largest evacuation in military history. The small civilian boats proved harder to target than large military vessels and many lives were saved. 

Join Operation Flood; Become Part Of The Urgently Needed Solution

When You Join Operation Flood You'll Gain Access To:

  • Health Freedom Summit 2020 videos, time-released in manageable collections.
  • Exclusive new interviews of relevance, starting with June’s featured speaker: How to Protect Your Children from Child Protective Services. 
  • Relevant PDF guides starting with our popular Detox Guide.
  • Media training to transform you into an effective writer and speaker for health freedom.
  • You’ll also receive pre-written ‘talking point’ scripts to drive the social conversation in the right direction on the front-lines of health freedom battles where it is most urgent for us to speak truth, take ground, and win public opinion.  

Most importantly, you won’t be researching, advocating, and strategizing alone anymore. Our most important aim is to build solidarity as we build meaningful relationships and support networks. 

  • Join community challenges to activate you into an effective health freedom fighter. Let’s do it together. Completing our curated challenges will increase your chance of winning surprise prizes and announced monthly giveaways. 
    • Example of give-away prizes include: Royal Berkey® Water Filter System complete with Fluoride Filters upgrade, which removes viruses, herbicides, pesticides, lead, mercury  and more. We’re also giving away our favorite heavy metal detox product: the child-friendly TRS spray. This product ended two years of chronic coughing for Alana’s daughter.
  • Mastermind group access with additional connection points based on region where accountability and friendships can culminate in effective grassroots campaigns for health freedom. This is not just for US citizens, but for English speakers all over the world as we share information, connect and brainstorm solutions. We genuinely look forward to getting to know you.