It’s Time: End The Mask Mandates Now

The science was clear before but is finally being admitted: masks do not work. 

This Mask Guide includes powerful information designed to equip you as you defend your rights against medical tyranny: 

  • 75 Script Responses to fight back against mask harassment.
  • Meehan’s Top Ten reasons not to wear a mask: get (or give!) a thorough education quickly.
  • Understand Legal Basis for Religious and Medical Exemption—the easiest rights to take away are the ones you don’t know you have.
  • Discrimination Affidavit—become equipped with powerful strategies to use against medical tyranny.
  • Medical Risks of Mask Wearing the science is clear: human health and physiology is weakened by continuous mask wearing.

Get uncensored strategy and practical resources From The Nation’s True Health Experts


We’re the Health Freedom Team and we’ve gone up against our school boards, CPS, our homeschooling associations and WON. We can show you how to defend your rights in peace and confidenc

We’re bringing legal geniuses and leading activists to train you on how to hold the system accountable to their own rules, protect your kids from CPS, and evade medical tyranny like it’s going out of style.


Meet the Health Freedom Team:

Including a Marine Vet, CVICU Nurse, Community Activist Extraordinaire– plus two (baby + unborn) of our 23 combined children. 


Use our mask exemption scripts and exemption cards to defend your religious and civil liberties which are protected by U.S. Federal Laws. 

Receive linked quotes from Fauci, the U.S. Surgeon General, and the WHO admitting masks don’t work.

Defend your federal rights to participate in society without discrimination.

Get armed with script statements to explain and defend your civil liberties.

Gain access to uncensored information from the nation’s true healthcare leaders on urgent political strategies to protect us from the loss of our health freedoms. God-given rights are being surrendered to governmental control at ‘warp speed’. Once lost, these rights may not be reclaimed within our lifetime.

Photocred our beloved

I have a long list of businesses who have turned us away, children in tow. 

A friend called me exasperated after yet another failed errand and said: “we have to do something!”  While writing the Mask Freedom Guide intro, I had an epiphany about the root of my concern. I wrote: “no great crimes against humanity were ever committed by anything other than a group of ten strategists, ten thousand people who unknowingly carried out the plan one piece at a time by ‘just doing their job,’ and ten million good men who did nothing before the slow rising tide of evil.

We’ve created The Mask Guide, frankly, because history has a way of repeating. We’ve been at this point before. And when my family’s story is told, I need to be able to tell my five kids: I did something. I spoke while I could. I didn’t just continue on with life as usual until the hammer came down. 

Many of us have had friends and loved ones suggest that we just back off and wear the masks– this will all be over soon, they say…

Do not be afraid. Fight oppression.

Passivity only signals that more rules will be complied with. 

Thank you for valuing your religious or medical exemptions, and we would ask that you’d take 2 minutes to share this resource in a way that would build your personal circle of social support. 

Share this link with 3-5 friends who will hold you accountable to protecting your boundaries against gas-lighting and discrimination as you influence your local community together.