In An Age Of BioTerrorism, Be Ready For Whatever Is Next With A Primed Immune System

Your immune system is constantly serving your health through times of stress, it protects you from toxins and pollution, and persists through chronic inflammation and nutrient deficiencies.

An impaired immunity may communicate in the language of a headache or rash, an infection you can’t shake, or a symptom set that has an official diagnosis.

Thankfully, the immune system is beautifully responsive to detoxification and nutritional strengthening.

Every day, more people increase their energy and vitality as they realign their health habits with their original design.

This guide has lifestyle, detox, and food recommendations we’ve experienced as being profoundly restorative to the body and strengthening to the immune system.


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End Chronic Inflammation and Live A Vibrant Life 

Discover the most powerful solutions to today’s chronic inflammation epidemic, and how we can collectively be part of the change our future generations so desperately need.

Our modern world is toxic; from the womb, we are inundated by over 80,000 chemicals culminating in a toxic overload from heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, and more. Toxins are in the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe.

Actual measurements called ‘body burden surveys’ of contaminants in people show that average Americans have hundreds of manmade chemicals in their tissues (including amniotic fluid and umbilical cord blood) at levels high enough to be of concern.

We’ll start with simple, restorative foods that detoxify and increase your gut health.

Your gut is the foundation of your health, both in your body and mind. It dictates the health of your immune system, how well you absorb nutrients, and significantly affects your mood. Up to 80% of the immune system functioning is dependent on the gut. The gut facilitates healthy immune responses and is also essential for nutrient absorption.

Our bodies are designed to interact with whole foods; not chemically processed, ‘food-like products’ that line our shelves and cause chronic disease, metabolic destruction, neurodegenerative diseases, cancers, and infertility.

Download ‘Naturally Boost your Immune System’ now to discover the exact strategies you need to safeguard your immunity and preserve the resilience of the next generation.

Regardless of your health status right now, how could your life be better if you had exponentially more energy, clarity, and vitality?

Few people ever approach the upper limits of health– we have gotten used to low levels of energy and health as a new normal.

Our experience is that most people are astounded by how much better they feel once they’ve eliminated chronic inflammation. Beyond the positive benefits, a foundation of health is also peace of mind in an era of gain-of-function research, biohazard lab leaks, nuclear threat, and bioterrorism.  

The basis of a vital immune system, which this guide is all about, is how to stop your toxic load from overwhelming your health systems.

While germ theory implies that a single pathogenic bacteria or virus can penetrate human ‘barrier’ systems and cause a symptom set, this theory is oversimplified.

It’s also oversimplified to claim the basis of all illnesses is human toxicity and inflammation, but that’s a more accurate understanding than germ theory. 

The Health Freedom Summit premiering March 10th-12th, features 35+ presentations with updates on immunity including 

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      • The safest, most effective things you can focus on today to strengthen immune response, boost your mood, and increase your body’s ability to absorb important nutrients from your food.
      • Do sleep, EMF, and light really impact immunity? This one might shock you!
      • We know that germ theory isn’t the answer, but is terrain theory really telling the whole story either? The surprising truth about what makes us sick, and why we need to stop being so afraid of our symptoms.

In The Health Freedom Summit, top medical experts present on how to naturally strengthen your immunity against all future virus variants.

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