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When lockdowns were first announced in 2020, the deceit was immediately apparent to anyone who had studied historical pandemics and the peddled “problem-reaction-solution” of the medical-industrial complex.

Alana and I built a platform in nine days and launched the first event countering the covid narrative.

In April of 2020, we gave a microphone to top doctors, lawyers, and scientists for a second opinion.


Affiliate marketers were heroes in our movement then, and continue to play a key role in the resistance against medical tyranny as they lend their influence to help counter pharma-funded marketing,

Tens of millions of people are joining the movement for health freedom every day.

Through sharing, you’re empowering these newcomers to discover important voices and have access to dedicated influencers whose names and sites have been wiped out on google, and banned on social media.

Affiliate marketers enable our nation’s citizens to overcome censorship and spread valuable news, second opinions, and life-saving information.

We are relying on you now again to share.

And we hope your efforts are highly profitable. Sending finance to the front lines is something we have always been passionate about. Our conversion numbers are so high that the Biden administration highlighted us (in a half-page spread next to Bobby Kennedy Jr.) as top ‘Pandemic Profiteers’ and listed us by name as primary contributors to vaccine hesitancy in the Western Hemisphere.

Some of our affiliate health partners who have already promoted this launch with great results are:

  • Sayer Ji & Greenmed Info,
  • Sherri Tenpenny,
  • Vaxxed,
  • The Healthy American,
  • Children’s Health Defense,
  • Natural News,
  • ICAN, and hundreds of others.

We are deeply grateful,

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