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Since 2020, the Health Freedom Summit has been recognized by the Biden Administration as a top distributor of ‘Covid Disinformation’ as we educate and equip people to defend their health freedoms. 

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In this collection of provocative presentations, the Health Freedom Summit tackles a daunting range of issues gathered to answer the question: ‘What is happening in the world today, and what is the deep meaning of these events?’”

As more data on the covid era emerges into clarity, key decision makers are hoping their political and cultural heights are above the law, or that there will simply be a pandemic of amnesia.

They want everyone to forget about canceled weddings, zoom funerals, financially-ruined households, and human rights violations of the elderly. 

They want to simply move on from church shutdowns, shuttered small businesses, the unscientific masking of children, months of school closures, years of travel restrictions, and rent moratoriums.

Forget those who were forced out of the military, out of their schools, and out of their jobs for not wanting to take an experimental medical product. Forget everyone who is still picking up the pieces of their lives.

Forget the quarantine of the healthy, the financially-incentivized hospital death protocols, the abysmal failure of the rushed vaccines and the ensuing injuries and death.

Forget we just lived through an era were you literally heard: “papers please” to participate in culture.

Forget the medical apartheid between the vaxxed and unvaxxed.

Rewriting history is a specialty of totalitarians.

But they will have to contend with the clarity and resolve of the Health Freedom Summit Speakers including:

Keynote Presentations From Field Leaders

Dr. Peter McCullough

Dr. Pierre Kory

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Dr. Christiane Northrup

Jason Christoff

Del Bigtree

Dr. Craig Turczynski

Naomi Wolf

Catherine Austin Fitts

Mary Holland ESQ

Corey of Corey’s Digs

Dr. Meryl Nass

Dr. Stephanie Seneff

Dr. Paul Thomas

Dr. Robert W. Malone

Dr. Stella Immanuel

James Corbett

David Whitehead

Dr. Joseph Mercola

Pam Popper




If the world was truly facing a deadly virus in 2020, we would have immediately had televised medical debates among the most successful doctors.

Instead, those exact doctors claim they were censored.

Thousands of them.

Many of these doctors have lost, or are losing their medical licenses. Another Health Freedom Summit Speaker just lost their license this week. 


If you can question the policy with data, it’s science. If you can’t question it, it’s propaganda.

Anyways, in all of human history, when has the government that was censoring scientists, instituting curfews, and demonizing one group, ever been on the right side of things?




This is a letter for those who were blindsided.

You didn’t recognize the first signs of betrayal; they didn’t quite come all the way into focus.

They quickly faded into an unconscious feeling that something wasn’t right.

Anxiety grew

Only now do you remember all the signs that something was very, very wrong.

The worldview that would have emerged from those realizations was inconceivable then. It never crossed your mind that the ones we depended on could betray us.

We never considered that our whole structure of law and order could be so corrupt.

We thought we were all playing by the same rules, respecting the same values.

We thought— well, “we’re all in this together.”

Yes, we knew the world had problems—but there were good people, in powerful places who were doing their very best to fix it all for us.

It’s a hopeful perspective—it allows us to go about our days untroubled.

We can deny reality, as Ayn Rand said, but we can’t ultimately ignore the effects of reality.

We’ve seen the snake in the grass.

Eden shattered in an instant but the shock imprinted on every layer.

Even the unconscious ones.

We can’t just pretend we didn’t see the snake.


It doesn’t go away because you close your eyes.

Before 2020, public health guidelines for dealing with epidemics included sound, proven policy including managing public panic, utilizing cheap, widely available early treatments to reduce illness progression; keep society functioning as normally as possible.

In 2020 we had hysterical propaganda and censorship of people citing sound data and offering proven early effective treatment.

Propaganda, censorship, and misinformation are always central to tyrannical systems of control.

This is because if you can control people’s perceptions you control their behavior.

This much is clear: we were lied to. But just how much of the covid era was a deception?

Ask the forbidden questions….

And you’ll discover it wasn’t incompetence.

It was planned. 


A primary symbol of the occult is the one eye (or one eye covered), because the basis of occult power is hidden knowledge.

Here’s a simple analogy: in a business trade, if one person knows math, and the other doesn’t know how to count, how easy is it for the one ‘in the know’ to steal from the other?

That is the situation we are in now.

A massive knowledge differential has resulted in a massive power differential. It is widening daily.

There were many lies told during the covid era. But there is one lie that is more insidious than all the others.

That is the lie that what really happened was so random, and so complex, that its nature could never really be comprehended by the average person.

When someone believes this lie, their ascent toward truth stops before it ever had a chance to truly begin.

Truth exists. It is knowable. You can become increasingly aware of it in your own experience and begin to experience its power.

Overcoming ‘the biggest lie’ is the primary stage where faith is required. You must have faith in the fact that you are capable of apprehending truth.


From that point forward, faith is no longer necessary, because when you seek, you do find.


When we begin to take in knowledge, we become aware of a very real darkness in the world. But as we mourn our lost innocence and former belief systems, we truly awaken to reality as it is. Various traditions describe this state as being ‘awakened’ or ‘enlightened’.


If we are to guard against tyranny and remain free, it is our responsibility to become powerfully informed.

Truth destroys the power base of darkness.


So, consider your enlightenment journey a service to humanity— as the saying goes: “And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”


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If you want to know what in the world is happening, this summit is the one resource that cuts through the onslaught of confusion to answer:  What just happened to us, and why? And crucially– how could we do better next time? Because there will be a next time.

The covid era may be waning, but the war for the world has just begun.

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When news of COVID-19 flooded mainstream media, it caused enough confusion and fear to make compliance seem reasonable. It is now obvious that our altruistic nature to serve our neighbor was manipulated.

In response to the mandate promising  “two weeks to flatten the curve,” Health Freedom Summit launched April of 2020 as the first American event to offer a ‘second opinion’ on the COVID narrative. Now at our third event, it’s clear our rights were systematically turned into privileges.

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Still fresh for many are the losses of the covid lockdowns.  ‘Lockdowns’ are a prison term…used for inmates. This term has no place in a free society, for any length of time, for any reason.

During the covid lockdowns:

Our parents died alone.

Our children committed suicide.

Domestic abuse soared.

Sobriety dissolved into relapse.

Marriages ended.

Families broke apart.

They say ‘when America sneezes, the world catches a cold,’ and that was certainly true with lockdown policies

Developing nations had food shortages of biblical proportions.

Millions starved to death– many of them were young children.

The devastation to the social fabric is still unfolding.  

To know who manufactured the ‘crisis’—all we need to do is ask who benefited.

Since ancient times the Latin phrase cui bono (“who benefits?”) has been used to uncover truth.

We were told to follow the science—but what we need to do follow is the money

They came for our businesses and our property. And they got them.

Over 30% of small businesses permanently closed in the United States by May 2021, many big city closure rates came close to 50%. 

Hundreds of millionaires became billionaires, and the world’s billionaires saw a 70% increase in their pandemic gains.

The Health Freedom Summit is a divergent perspective on the greatest social upheaval in modern history. It is designed as a forensic history lesson designed to instill within us the resounding phrase: never again.

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  • Why were credible frontline doctors censored and canceled when they demonstrated perfect cure metrics using therapeutic drugs with reliable safety profiles?
  • Why are people being forced to take a medication with the highest rates of death and serious injury of any vaccine ever administered? Where there’s a risk there must be a choice– why is this being denied?
  • Why are vaccine manufacturers the only industry immune from lawsuits when their products injure or kill or injure?
  • Why are so many professional athletes, some of the healthiest people on the planet, suddenly having strokes and heart attacks?

You’ll also hear from whistleblowers on mandated vaccines, masks, and lockdowns exposing medical fraud, government overstep, and disinformation. 

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For the past two years, the words ‘information’ and ‘misinformation’ have been used continuously.

This is a distortion of the issue.

We are dealing with truth and lies. 

Lies backed up by AI technology and budgets for a ‘fact-checking’ staff.

We have seen censorship of effective solutions and the normalization of irrational beliefs and behaviors. Do you remember single-direction walking orders painted on floors? 

That was so scientifically ridiculous it ended quickly, but think of how many practices continued far, far after they were debunked? 

Health Freedom Summit is launching with trusted voices like Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Robert Malone, Naomi Wolf, Del Bigtree, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and 60+ others. In an epidemic of deceit, telling the truth is the cure.

Three years ago we were told the vaccine was “the only thing that will allow us to return to normal.” It is now apparent a ‘new normal’ has been designed for us. Getting back to normal’ isn’t good enough.

‘Normal’ milestones were quietly redefined in 2022 by the CDC for generation RX.

‘Normal’ is an epidemic of neurological injuries and a whole generation of chronically sick children.

‘Normal’ is the continued erosion of parental rights.

This summit will expose you to legal geniuses and leading activists on how to hold the system accountable to their own rules, protect your kids from CPS, and resist medical tyranny like it’s going out of style. We’re advocating for a new normal.

The Summit features in-depth discussions from doctors, researchers, and cultural commentators who are brave enough to offer solutions that “first, do no harm.”

Speakers like Dr. Peter McCullough, (the most published, most cited scientist on Sars-Cov-2) Dr. Pierre Kory, and Dr. Christina Parks, warn that decisions within the patient/physician relationship can never again be politicized. 

Over 900,000 physicians are now calling for specific measures to protect the sacred physician/patient relationship; this number of verified signatures represents more medical counsel several times over than what currently informs the decisions of the FDA and the CDC.

These doctors of conscience are exposing political suppression of ​​repurposed drugs. 

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Data from the tightly controlled Defense Database (DMED) shows spontaneous abortions (miscarriages) historically (2016-2020) hovered around 1,499.

According to the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), the number of reports of spontaneous abortions in 2021 alone was 3,527. 

In spite of these jarring statistics, a study from Harvard also estimates that only 1% of vaccine reactions are ever reported to VAERS. Imagine what the real numbers might look like if adverse events are truly this under-reported.

Discover the most powerful solutions to today’s global infertility epidemic, and how we can collectively be part of the change our future generations so desperately need.

The Infertility Epidemic has just begun. Learn how you can be a part of the solution in this resource. 

An Un-Censored Start to Finish Covid Re-Cap From The Nation’s Top Doctors Of Conscience, Plus Legislators And Strategists On How To Strengthen Our Health + Sovereignty

Naomi Wolf | Dr. Robert Malone | Dr. Peter McCullough | Robert F. Kennedy Jr. | Del Bigtree | Dr. Pierre Kory | Catherine Austin Fitts | Dr. Paul Thomas | Dr. Christiane Northrup | Jason Christoff | James Corbett | + More 

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